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  1. The original essay that was referenced is over 40 pages long. "Mind/body" is just a summarization. There is much more to it. I second the advice to read the original. I think it is an "accident of history" that the Christian nations were the ones to turn away from religion. There were times in history when the Arabs more Aristotelian than the Christians (see Burgess's book). Calling it an "accident of history" is not to say that philosophy does not determine history. It does: the philosophy that moved away from Christianity was what brought us to reason and capitalism. However, I do not think there was anything inherent in Christianity that made it more likely that it would be the breeding ground for anti-religious philosophers.
  2. Then you hate WalMart's "product", but not the corporation. That's perfectly fine -- not a philosophical issue anyway. I'd bet many Wal-Mart shoppers would love to shop elsewhere (say, Nordstrom?) if they got the same price. Like US airlines and phone companies, Wal-Mart has understood that many, many consumers want things cheap, if at the cost of quality. The good thing is that a company the size of Wal-Mart gets such discounts when it buys that it can offer comparable goods cheaper than the competition. Sorry to take this a bit off-topic, but I just had to post when I saw an "I hate Wal-Mart" remark. For the record, I hardly shop at Wal-Mart myself (mainly because the closest one if miles away), but I love the company.
  3. Analogies are just that: analogies. They are not a form of reasoning. It is a fallacy to substitute analogy (ANY analogy) for reasoning. That said, I do not think the original analogy is far-fetched in the least. A contractual agreement solidifies a relationship. Unfortunately, it also creates an impediment to breaking the relatiuonship. Sometimes, this can be abused by one party taking the relationship "for granted". This can happen in any legal relationship (e.g. a business relationship). It happens every day. Also, it happens in marriage all the time. Ofcourse, it is not necessary nor rational for this to happen.
  4. I'm surprised there are no responses from Australia and Asia (India). I know we do have some Canadians here.
  5. Thanks. Seems that he is back in the US now.
  6. Benjamin Franklin was a true "Rennaissance Man". Perhaps he gets short changed because he wasn't President.
  7. I routinely look through Iraqi blogs to get a better understanding f what is going on there. The regular news organizations are still my primary source, but the blogs provide another set of viewpoints. Thought I would share some links, because I wish I had discovered these earlier. There is a site that I use as a directory to Iraqi blogs (and also to some blogs by US soldiers). iraqblogcount.blogspot.com Ofcourse there are some horrible Iraqi blogs that simply spew venom at anything American. There are some that are mundane. And then, there are some that are from folk who really want to see their country become a better place. This Iraqi blogger wrote today Then there are these brothers who have decided to form a politcal party and take part in the elections. If anyone has any particular Iraqi or Soldier blogs that they find particular useful (either for news or for inspiration), I'd be interested in the links.
  8. Interesting question. I suppose one could make the case that photos show kids concretes and that is a good way to start. On the other hand, one could also make the case that kids need an essentialized representation (a "cartoon" --- actually, a simple sketch -- is one such form).
  9. This is a most revealing argument.
  10. If you really want a split between Republicans and Democrat, vote Kerry. The GOP is going to win the House and Senate regardless. Balance it with Kerry for President.
  11. This fight cannot be fought by airport screeners. We have to take the fight to the governments that aid anti-US terrorists. The Iraq war has positioned huge number of US troops on the border of Iran and Syria. The target we chose is debatable. Still, better to have fought Iraq and be where we are now than never to have fought at all. If this doesn't fix things, we might just have to nuke them.
  12. It is even broader than this. A proper government has not right to dictate that people act rationally, as long as they are within their rights acting irrationally. For example, a proper government does not force a person to rent an apartment to a person from another race even if it is abundantly clear that they are being irrational
  13. States and countries don't really have any rights in the sense that individuals do. Laws allowing a state to leave a country could be good law if formulated properly...I do not think this is the case in any existing country. As for whether it is right for a state to secede -- it depends. If the state secedes to gain more rights for individuals, that is good. If it secedes to deny rights to individuals, that is bad.
  14. Better dead than red.
  15. Remember the Beatles song: "There's one for you, nineteen for me... ...I'm the taxman."
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