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  1. Congrats to them for beating one type of illness. It is a shame there are a multitude of different illnesses and disorders that they are probably not treating as well. Evade the bad till even the dingiest looks great.
  2. Roark yielded his IP to Keating on the condition it be built as designed. Keating had a contract for it to be built as designed and it was violated. Keating was just a middleman. Whether their agreement was with Keating or Roark the fact remains they broke the contract with no means to address the fault. Roark was the one who's rights were violated even if through a middleman. He addressed it in one of the few ways he could with precision and care. I have read through some of this and am wondering if you don't want to listen to others or respond in a constructive manner, why are you here? You have not addressed many points fully and when you find yourself backed into a corner or back to an original point with circular logic you ignore them. Might as well ignore the site and chat with Jonathan13
  3. So are you trying to set a difference between sound and sound waves and light and light waves; One being the natural effect, the other being the perceived effect? If so youre just defining things differently and it really means nothing. This question is usually philosophically relevant to demonstrate a false proof for subjective realities. The sound is still there just not perceived.
  4. Yeah it seems like the general mindset of that article is "scientists are humans too! They can't be expected to be logical and right all the time!" Too bad their mistakes have allowed government to violate freedoms and cripple businesses. This article may let them get off without any consequences, though
  5. So you made a movie, then came here and confused ideologies in order to assume more people were interested than actually were. Then when corrected and given feedback based on the trailer you insult people and respond with sarcasm? You don't plan to get much of anywhere with this, do you? Also Alan Greenspan was once a friend of Rand but vastly set himself apart from objectivism with mixed economy policies so your point is still not well thought out. Think about your ideas and develop them more. Trust me it will help you get further
  6. I will add this: Capitalism, pure capitalism, the only kind that can exist and be called that, has never existed in history because of various forms of statism. Most of the problems you attribute to capitalism are really problems resulting from mixed economies and statism
  7. They require graduate school studies mostly is I guess what i meant. Most lawyers, doctors, and professors have doctorates. Professional engineer's get a license in their field. All require a large amount of education though
  8. inmoral should be immoral. its really a tiny mistake. I am kind of confused as to why he made a big deal out of it
  9. Engineers are considered professionals as well. I think the biggest commonality I see is that they all have earned and accredited titles. Although I don't think id include clergyman with the rest as it does not fit with the others
  10. An Objectivist society would base its enforcement of laws on Objectivist values, in this case justice. Justice doesnt mean ridiculous punishments; it means fairness and balance in accordance with reality. But then again I am not sure how good of an understanding of reality you have after a statement like that.
  11. God is supernatural and therefore contradicts reality. The Big Bang is structured on the known laws of physics. So, youre a little off. See the multitude of religion topics in this same section of the board
  12. It fits in when it does not contradict reality. Dead things are dead, not living. Living dead things are zombies and ghosts and have no basis for proof of existence. When wondering whether something is an irrationality, it usually is irrational if it contradicts reality, you know it does or could easily know that it does and still choose to believe it
  13. None of the main characters in her novels were that lonely. In a normal world they would have had many friends and even did in the novels. Roark had several friends he worked and spent time with. In AS there was a whole community of Randian heroes who were not lonely. Objectivism doesn't cause you to be antisocial just not to feel the need for friends and social status. For example I can have few friends who I have much in common with instead of tons of friends who I am not close with. Additionally I do not feel the ened to spend time with family with whom I only share blood because it is of little value to me. All Objectivism dictates is that you spend your time in the best way for you and not be compelled to spend your time with people you are indifferent to or dislike
  14. Why cant any private company do exactly what you want the government insurance company to do since there is no real difference? Also government has never run a business well. See USPS, Amtrak, Public Schools, etc
  15. Also, what you describe is just another company that can only do as much as any other private company because it doesnt use tax revenues at all. The only way it could differentiate itself is by charging more to the rich as the government loves to do but then they can just opt out and the program fails
  16. So if everyone is perfectly happy with their healthcare but the poor, how do you fund your program? In fact how do you fund any system by the government when over 90% of taxes are payed by the top 10% in income?
  17. Not true? I have been to NYC atleast and it looks just as impressive and beautiful by day as by night.
  18. It does not matter whether its opt out or not. By the nature of it being government funded I have to pay for it whether I opt out or not. Even if the costs are low directly, the indirect costs i pay through taxes make it worse. Additionally letting the government compete with private companies is not fair as it allows a companyw ith no limits and the ability to go into debt to tax its competitors who have those limits. Also it has been said several times but the Declaration of Independence says life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All of these are actions, not provided by others. Universal Healthcare requires the funding of others and the work of others, two forced seizures of life. Rights are not contradictions; ie a right cannot violate another right at the same time, rights are absolute.
  19. I listen to many kinds of metal, including thrash. what bands do you like?
  20. I think he just decides to lead by example by bowing down to any authority as he wishes us to do.
  21. verbal abuse can be threatening if it communicates a threat but nearly all personal situations there is no need for violence as you can probably overcome any emotional pain brought by words.
  22. Ive seen this firsthand. The only community service I enjoyed was working at the Airborne and Special Operations museum and I worked hard enough compared to the kids who were required to volunteer that I was offered a job within 3 months. I guess that was fairly meaningful and I learned a lot from it. Most community service sucks pretty badly though and has little to no value
  23. in anarchy the only means of justice is vigilantism and retaliation. ie you kill one person another kills you, your family kills him and it never ends. a third party impartial justice system is required to protect individual rights and administer justice. Additionally anarchy offers no unified security system against a large army from another nation. So basically no government is no security in the end. the only job of government is security without violating rights
  24. correct me if im wrong but isnt force only justified in self-defense? so if you have a justified reason to suspect force being initiated on you then you can retaliate.
  25. they should have had a disclaimer on dangers releasing them from responsibility. poor planning in my mind
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