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Barnes and Nobel ask "Who is John galt?"

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Link doesn't work. I click it, and it says: "Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available."

If you can't figure it out, email the image to my username at gmail.com and I'll post it.

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I'm curious about something, why is it that some images show up without having to be logged in, such as this image of B&N Ayn Rand display, while some require logging in? Was this image drawn from a website, or is it uploaded to oo.net?

I do think it's great that Ayn Rand is becoming so popular. Back thirty years ago, I couldn't find anyone else who had even heard of her, aside from bookstore owners. Boy, things have changed for the better ;)

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Thanks for the help Brian. I've posted images to OO.net before without a problem so I don't know what happened.

In response to Thomas I took the photo with my phone then tried to upload it.

BTW I was impressed that several books had been purchased from the display already as you may be able to tell from the pic.

I also saw several people stop and look at the display.

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Yeah, I saw a similar situation at my local Borders store.

Went there about 3 months ago. They had 2 softcover versions of AS and 1 The Fountainhead.

Just went back recently, they now had 10 copies (some hardcover) of AS, 3 of The Fountainhead, 2 of Anthem and 5 of the new We the Living edition.

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