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U.S. foils Iranian terrorist plot

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Apparently this plot, including plans to set off bombs in Washington, D.C., has confirmed ties to the government of Iran. Our response?

"Senior Obama administration officials said the U.S. currently does not have any information indicating that either Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei or President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad necessarily knew about the assassination plot and said the U.S. will pursue a path of response that would not include the possibility of an armed conflict with Iran."

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Well, there's a lesson there that I was taught at a pretty young age, I'll share it with you.

Don't write a check that your butt can't cash.

Considering how our last attempt to make a point turned out, I'm not convinced it's a bad idea. Anyways, I'm more interested in seeing how the Saudi's/Israeli's react to this one.

Israel is currently too busy releasing 1027 prisoners in exchange for one kidnapped Israeli soldier to notice USA's weak (non)response to the terrorist attempt by the Iran regime. I don't think it's a great mystery what kind of 'reaction' you'll see coming out of Israel to the Iranian terrorist plot.

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1027? Where in the world did you get that number? And to be clear I was talking about Isreals/Saudi response to the assasination, not their response to our response. Guess that was unclear.

I'll be more clear in the future

I misunderstood you.

Sorry I did not mean to derail the thread.

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