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The Ayn Rand Letter, Vols 1-4 (1971-1976)

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Apologies for ignorance, but is that still available?  Have never used half.com before and the posting is almost a yr old.  


Not that you'd necessarily want to help me find it w/o buying it, but is that the only way one could access the 1973 article "To Dream the Non-Commercial Dream"?  Am getting frustrated that I cannot find a single letter electronically, but really need it and guess I'd consider buying hard-copy if need-be (could always pad my rand collection ;) )


Neat site, seems much different than the one I tried and disliked ('objectivist living')

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Ayn'sAMPH, listings created on half.com usually stay up forever until someone buys the book -- I learned that the hard way after I'd already donated a years-old listing. So, if your search on the site yields nothing and his link is dead, Brian probably sold them. He may have removed them, though, so you could try sending him a private message.

That said, you might check libraries for copies, university libraries especially. I know that the University of Akron had a copy of Rand's old published articles, and they can't be the only one.

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