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OO.com meetup in NYC

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Some chatgoers and I have decided to set up a meetup sometime this summer in or near NYC. There are no plans set in stone for a date or time yet. Right now, I'm gauging the interest level of a meetup before I set anything down. Really, you could bring anyone along, provided they are into Objectivism as more than just a passing interest. Make a post here if you're interested!

So far, the people interested are (I'll edit as people post):


August 16th @ Noon, corner of West 59th and Avenue of the Americas.



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I was hoping you'd be interested.


I'm thinking a weekend is best, tentatively the 16th or 23rd of August. I'm thinking meeting at a place for lunch is best, nothing fancy, maybe a pizza place or diner since that's the most agreeable for food anyone wants. Somewhere near Central Park probably.

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I just remembered that an Objectivist in NYC does a "Forgotten Delights" tour of sculptures in the city. I have no experience with it, and looking at the site, they're not on a frequent schedule. Still, I thought I'd post this in case someone wants to look into it.

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This was two years ago, but I'd like to do this again. Last time, 5 of us went. Went pretty well, good conversation. No particular age range, although last time all of us were 20-somethings.

So, I'm testing interest again. No location in mind yet besides NYC. I'm aiming for July or August to do this. Either post here or send me a PM if you'd consider the meetup.

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