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Personality Types (Myer-Briggs)

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the above link is for those who've never taken it. I've taken it a few times over the last year to see if i've progressed into something new, especially having read atlas shrugged, but found that i'm the same INTJ i always was. Upon further research, I found that Ayn Rand was also an INTJ, too. Was curious if there are others of this personality type on the board. My initial thoughts are that most people on this board will probably be either entj's or intj's. Anyways....thanks for the input.

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what do you mean?

I'm thinking that because you see them as a false alternative...that the once you chose were rational and logical. INTJ, possibly. who knows?

I haven't looked at the test for a few years now but I do remember there being a pronounced reason / emotion dichotomy behind many of the questions. I believe you said in another post that you are not an Objectivist. If you have not read the literature, the philosophical phenomenon of the mind / body split (and all its variations ie; reason/emotion, analytic/synthetic, etc) won't have much meaning to you and the Briggs Meyers will seem normal.

But I am certain that to those with philosophic detection skills, the test will be considered flawed.

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I also noted a couple of false-alternatives. For instance: "Are you more likely to trust: a) your conceptions or B) your experiences?" Of course this only makes sense if you assume that conepts are neceesarily divorced from experience. Otherwise, it's nonsensical.

I took the Myers-Briggs in college. I think I was also INTJ, though it may have been ISTJ. (Whether N or S, I was pretty close to center on that factor anyway.) I really don't remember. I do remember that the professor told me they'd never seen anyone so far over on the Thinking scale.

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i would say i'm a psuedo objectivist of sorts..... I do believe in God. I'm not a pure one like most on this board.

...recently though i've actually started arguing against such mysticism, which, in the heat of discussion, caught both myself and my opponent, off guard.

I'm quit confident i can argue most objectivists points, though I may not actually 'live' like an objectivist in regards to the issue of religion....

take it as you will....but i see the world from the objectivist standpoint.

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INTJ here as well. But the previous posters are correct. The test suffers from almost every false dichotomy I can think of: reason/emotion, rationalism/empiricism, theory/practice...the list goes on.

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Any SJs or NFs out there? No? Why not? Well, I'll TELL you why:

1) It's impossible to be an Objectivist and an F. Period.

2) As far as SJs go...it might be possible to be an ISTJ or ESTJ on this forum, but SJs, called "Guardians" [of tradition] or "Concrete Cooperatives" by Keirsey, generally don't like to deviate from accepted cultural norms. It is in the nature of Objectivists to question these norms, and SJs are not generally comfortable with this. Then again, if one considers the rational, individualistic principles upon which this country was founded as its "norms," then I suppose I could see how an SJ's views could be completely compatible w. Objectivism.

Another problem/question: are there any SJs out there who are also *decided* atheists?

The NTJs, Keirsey's "Coordinator Rationals," are probably the personalities most *naturally suited* to Objectivism: not only are they NTs, their J function is much more compatible/comfortable with making and sticking to with moral decisions/moral *judgement*.

Now for a breakdown of MBTI personality types of characters in Rand's novels (these are based on my analyses; feel free to question my conclusions and offer counter-reasons):

Howard Roark: INTP. Then again, perhaps I'm biased by Keirsey's description of the INTP as an "architect," which Roark is in the concrete sense of the term (and perhaps in the abstract, as well. Is there any evidence that Roark is a J? I've only read FH once, so I may be misjudging him.)

Dagny Taggart: INTJ or ENTJ.

Francisco: ENTJ

Rearden: INTJ

Ellis Wyatt: ENTP?!!

John Galt: INTJ

Gail Wynand: ENTJ/ENTP (ok, hard to say)

Mike the Electrician: ISTP (Sean Donnigan)

As you can see, I'm having trouble coming up with herioc characters of hers that are SPs or SJs.

By the way: I am another INTJ, and Keirsey (author of the "Please Understand Me" series) is an INTP.

And yes, some of the questions on the test are clearly biased, and others I think are unclear (e.g. both answers are equally compatible with one type or the other.) I don't have the questions in front of me now, but later I might give some examples to support this claim.

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Add one more false alternative: extrovert vs introvert. I am more "introverted" than nearly everyone I've met who rates an "I" and more "extroverted" than most I've met who rate an "E".

What is in the nature of looking inward that says one can't have verbal skills, social skills, or enjoyment from the company of other people?

What is in the nature of being outgoing that says one can't look inward to understand one's premises, values, emotions, or consciousness?

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I am an INTJ

in a Strength of the preferences % of:


22 67 89 22

slightly expressed introvert

distinctively expressed intuitive personality

very expressed thinking personality

slightly expressed judging personality

Im usually skeptical of these tests, but that sums me up pretty well in terms of conversational time.

Get a free test @ http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp


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