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USA v. Donald J. Trump – Indictment 8/1/23

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2 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

How much is there to back this up?

One of the primary claims in the article, which I find to be sufficiently well-supported by observable facts over the past 60+ years, is that conservatives held the rule of law to be a fundamental virtue and a central premise of conservatism. The second implication is that the Democrats are working hard to somehow eliminate the threat of Donald Trump, and furthermore their methods are not intellectually honest, which again I cannot see any basis for disagreeing with. As part of the lack of intellectual honesty of which I speak, there is a thorough and selective hypocrisy in the actions of Democrats, purportedly in aid of upholding the law. There is a substantive question regarding Biden’s participation in his offspring’s power-peddling which I have no position on. It is rather well-documented that Biden’s administration, through David Weiss, slow-walked tax avoidance charges to the point that the statute of limitations expired on 2014 and 2015 charges, and was just appointed special counsel to investigate his conduct.

None of this is particularly surprising to me, and illustrates a basic shift in political strategy that has been in progress over the past half century – the death of Reagan conservatism. My use of the past tense in referring to the relationship between conservatives and the rule of law is deliberate. Trump’s main “contribution” to conservatism is the elimination of the last lofty moral standard that made conservatives marginally palatable – he managed to sink the right into the same pit that the left has been wallowing in for decades, only deeper.

There is one significant error in the article, where it says “Only their steadfast commitment to this traditional ideal explains why conservatives are allowing Democrats to flagrantly corrupt our judicial system to destroy their opponents and protect themselves”. What conservatives? They are all dead, retired, or usurped. What we have, instead, is a party distinction that doesn’t reflect an ideology.

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All told, I expect things to procede as normal for the rest of my life, barring extraordinary events (the stuff of sci-fi). I do expect an uptick in electoral litigation, but at least the present Supreme Court will most likely not tolerate a surprise legal theory that turns a loser into a winner. There were a number of opportunities for SCOTUS to hand the election to Trump and they were all rejected, and they recently nipped in the bud a theory that might have worked to the advantage of Trump-types. There is absolutely no reason to think that the military would intervene in the transfer of power. Now, as for the behavior of the general population, there were numerous anti-Trump riots after he won the election, which didn’t get much attention.

We can only hope that someone besides Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024. The only thing that would be worse than Trump winning would be Trump losing. It has been a long time since there has been a successful coup in the First World.

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A long time? 2020 was just three years ago.

And, as RFK Jr points out there was also one in November '63.

As Tucker said to Trump the other day, they will have to kill him.

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This country is like a certain Surfside condo. You can see the cracking, the spalling, the exposed corroded rebar, but nothing will happen right away.

Just wait until the time of maximum stress.

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