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    tadmjones reacted to DavidOdden in How many masks do you wear?   
    The key identification that Schwartz makes about force is that it is a physical action to which we are subjected against our will, being taken by a volitional being to neutralize the choice of another volitional being. “Action to neutralize choice” distinguishes the case where a person pulls out a weapon in order to cause him to abandon his property (mission accomplished) from the case where a person pulls out a weapon to check it and accidentally scares another person into abandoning his property (neutralization of choice is not the purpose). I take it that you are not satisfied with this, and instead focus on the effect of an action, irrespective of intent. You seem to hold that creating a risk of harm to others can be initiation of force, or perhaps is by definition initiation of force. It’s not at all clear why you don’t make the stronger claim that it is force, unless you have some further condition that you want to add. A really significant difference between these views is that you seem to deny the relevance of a person’s intent.

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    tadmjones got a reaction from Harrison Danneskjold in Shameful Display of Anarchy and Violence   
    OJ was legitimately acquitted.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from JASKN in Shameful Display of Anarchy and Violence   
    Any federal property and any interstate transportation, I believe.
    I don't think 'unconstitutional' is the barrier it once was.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Tenderlysharp in How many masks do you wear?   
    I’m my normal friendly and outgoing casual shopper and even more conspicuously, consciously while wearing my Trump 2020 mask. 

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    tadmjones reacted to DavidOdden in Tu Quoque   
    At your leisure (and in a separate thread), I'd like to see what leads you to this conclusion: not that there is a difference, but the conclusion that it is worse.
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    tadmjones reacted to whYNOT in Shameful Display of Anarchy and Violence   
    First they came for the Christians but I was not a Christian and remained silent. Then they came for the Conservatives but I was not a Conservative and remained silent, then they came for the Trumpians, but I was not a Trumpian and was silent. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up.
    That's a thing I picked up about the Leftist/Socialist, the craving to enact revenge and pay back as well as stifling dissent and to cut off any future (democratic, ideological) challenges to their power. You are going to see a growing witch-hunt, in the work-place, the business community, universities, broader society and by punitive laws and dictates.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from necrovore in Shameful Display of Anarchy and Violence   
    Was every allegation of fraud proven false by forensic examination of the ballots?
    Were the elections in every state carried out according to their own and federal constitutional requirements?
    Most cases were dismissed on standing and other jurisprudential findings , not on a full hearing of evidence or discovery.
    Did TX and seventeen other states irrationally petition SCOTUS ? Sycophants the lot ?
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    tadmjones reacted to dream_weaver in Shameful Display of Anarchy and Violence   
    Riots break out over the country, zones were even created in some parts to accommodate rioters while apologists tried to veil it as free-speech and dismiss the looting as not directly injurious to the life of the looted. A riot breaks out in Washington DC and it is escalated to an insurrection.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from whYNOT in National Conservatism   
    Capitalism is as capitalism does. The concept is a product of epistemology but the practice is metaphysical.
    Maybe the 'modern' term should be quantum capitalism, as in trying to measure and identify in order to label misses and changes the target. Collapses the normative wave function.
    Adam Smith's invisible hand is the Newtonian apple viewing the economic strategies and interplays of nascent nation states. The Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution honed economic power and concentrated it in smaller and  more compact entities , that could function by cooperation as in corporations or be guided by individuals. Perhaps Rand could be analogous to Einstein in that she provides the space time fabric of a moral justification as a lens. Newtonian principles are comfortable to everyday experiences and don't necessarily contradict a heretofore nonexistent theory of everything , but Einstein doesn't yet provide it either.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from JASKN in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    Interacting with people in public without any symptoms of disease or infection isn’t dangerous to the public.
    The masks worn by the majority of the public have little or no medical efficacy. The majority of the public isn’t at risk of dying due to an infection.
    Face diapers say you care for people who for whatever reason believe or act as if covid is an actual reoccurrence of the Black Death.
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    tadmjones reacted to JASKN in How many masks do you wear?   
    This mask (etc...) debacle has ironically made me friendlier to the general populace. I wear a mask begrudgingly only as required by businesses, but I find myself being nicer and smiling genuinely more to people, whether they're wearing the muzzles themselves or not. I think friendliness is very important right now. However, I have no tolerance or sympathy for tattlers or do-gooders, and if they stop me they get a sharp dismissive reply.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from JASKN in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    Properly fitted n95 and higher rated filtration devices could help prevent casual spread. Cloth mask efficacy doesn’t even come close. Any medical protection they provide against aerosolized virus particles is negligible.
    Just as the article in the OP states, their efficacy is the political statement they convey.
    There is very little that can be done in a practical way to stop viral spread, aside from physical isolation which is by definition impractical. Modalities that ensure air circulation to decrease viral load in the ambient environment would have more efficacy against spread. Regardless , concentrating energies on therapeutics and care for the medical consequences of infection should be the only political concern.
    Virtue signally won’t get you any closer to the futile goal of stopping the spread .
    It would be instructive to see how many cases of hospitalizations to treat pneumonia are currently from bacterial infections.Though given the level of trust I currently have in ‘official’ reports coming from our ‘institutions’, my confirmation bias will probably win out, lol.
    I wear a cloth mask where it is required for entry or participation, but not because I think that action has much medical significance, just because it is required.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from JASKN in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    So it was the fault of civil disobedience coupled with a fundamental lack of understanding of how masks work among the infectious disease experts?
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Jon Letendre in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    You can make allowances for any rules, as long as you are the rule maker.
    The question is whether or not these rules , the masking and the social distancing rules in place in the USA in 2020 are in anyway beneficial to anyone's health and well being. Personally I believe they are being imposed as a means of control, a way to train the populace for compliance.
    And it's working, a year ago if someone said the government were going to confiscate most privately held businesses and obliterate the middle class they would have been derided as paranoid. Now that it's happening , few are doing anything about it.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Jon Letendre in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    The level of burden is relative and any is more than none. Asthmatic individuals can suffer adversely from breathing restrictions and care givers of the non-ambulatory disabled  can not maintain distance.
    I find the level of compliance to be heavily burdensome just by virtue of the annoyance, my quality of life is affected by regulation and not the biology. One is and should be avoidable. Given the level of medical knowledge and technologies and a better current understanding of the China Death Plague almost all responses from government is overblown and it is becoming increasingly obvious purposefully so.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Jon Letendre in 2020 election   
    My estimation of Trump’s support led me to believe that he would win re-election and that if he didn’t win , it would be because of vote count manipulation. 
    Sharing that sentiment cemented my conspiratorial nature and had me being branded as beyond naive and prey to vicious lies designed to overthrow the rule of law.
    I have to say I’m still comfortable in my deluded state and not ready to abandon it.
    The liars’ lies still seem plausible, the lies only seem to be more and more plausible , are they that well crafted ? Am I still blinded and completely deluded? 
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    tadmjones got a reaction from whYNOT in 2020 election   
    So the DNC/ Biden persuaded a majority of voters to view their policies as good ? A majority of American voters back the Democrat Party platform?
    Biden as a leader articulated a cohesive enough argument to persuade a majority? The campaign had no advantage or assistance to their efforts in formulating the presentation and dissemination  of their policies that Trump’s campaign did not enjoy to the same extent?
    The main media and social media platforms acted independently and covered the candidates in equitable fashion. Seeing or pointing out bias in treatment to the respective campaigns is fringe thinking ? 
    Or is the argument that media plays a negligible role in affecting public opinion?
    Covid coverage, riot coverage none of it was slanted and or had little effect? 
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    tadmjones got a reaction from EC in 2020 election   
    I believe Trump won the election, I doubt he lost any support among his 'base' and seemed to have garnered more support from parts of the electorate that voted against him in 2016. I believe there is a concerted effort between the establishment/deep state/media/big tech to remove Trump and install Biden. I think the pandemic provided 'them' opportunity to increase the level of chicanery in the way the election was carried out. 
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Jon Letendre in 2020 election   
    Yeah Biden won, no strings.
    Countries around the world put in place public policy that had never been heard of prior , no strings.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Jon Letendre in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Do I have insight as to the provenance of Q ? Nope. I’m a fan of the phenomenon though. Even as ( or especially as) allegory.
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    tadmjones reacted to dream_weaver in Intellectual property   
    Ideas are not scarce. Scarcity, however, is not what gives an idea value. In a world where the ideas of Descartes, Hegel, Kant and Hume circulate like so much debased currency, the ideas of Aristotle, Aquinas and Ayn have generally been withdrawn from general circulation. Gresham's law observes that bad money drives out good. One of the things that make this possible is monetary ignorance. As a debased currency gains its foothold, the good money is withdrawn from circulation and hoarded.
    As has been indicated in several threads on this forum, "[t]he subject of patents and copyrights is intellectual property." Over and beyond this:
    [a] scientific or philosophical discovery, which identifies a law of nature, a principle or a fact of reality not previously known, cannot be the exclusive property of the discoverer because: (a) he did not create it, and (b) if he cares to make his discovery public, claiming it to be true, he cannot demand that men continue to pursue or practice falsehoods except by his permission.
    Intellectual property was not discovered by Miss Rand, but she did a fair amount of work in clarifying and articulating it as to make it available to those who struggle to grasp the philosophic principle involved. The concretization she offered to help shed insight on it was provided via Hank Reardon with regard to Reardon Metal in Atlas Shrugged.
    Now she does not own the idea of intellectual property. In fact, with regard to copyright, she extols the  Great Britain's Copyright Act of 1911 as the most rational solution she had encountered. She did own the material form in which she presented her position on it as quoted, in parts, here. From the earlier quote, the converse of the latter part would be true as well. She cannot demand that men begin to embrace and fully endorse her elucidations on the matter. And even before the converse could be put into practice, it would require that an individuals that choose to do so first actually grasp for themselves that it is indeed a fact of reality.
    There is, as I understand, a converse to Gresham's Law—good money drives out the bad—but as long as bad monies are insisted upon as being the defacto unit of exchange, the hoarders of good money are under no obligation to exchange it for its debased alternative(s).
    Today, patents are the special target of the collectivists' attacks—directly and indirectly, through such issues as the proposed abolition of trademarks, brand names, [surplus of ideas] etc. While the so-called "conservatives" look at those attacks indifferently or, at times, approvingly, the collectivists seem to realize that patents are the heart and core of property rights, and that once they are destroyed, the destruction of all other rights will follow automatically, as a brief postscript.
    And in closing with her closing remarks from CUI-11, Patents and Copyrights:
    Those who observe the spectacle of the progressive collapse of patents—the spectacle of mediocrity scrambling to cash-in on the achievements of genius—and who understand its implications, will understand why in the closing paragraphs of Chapter VII, Part II of Atlas Shrugged, one of the guiltiest men is the passenger who said: "Why should Rearden be the only one permitted to manufacture Rearden Metal?"
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    tadmjones got a reaction from dream_weaver in Intellectual property   
    IP , at least how I understand the principles involved, is not about granting special protections "in the marketplace" as much as trying to develope a system that recognizes and protects rights to property " in the marketplace". As stated it is a very complex topic and trying to keep or identify the proper context proves to be difficult.
    How could suing over patent infringements be tantamount to the threat of violence? It's akin to saying that filing a police report about a burglary is an act of vigilante justice.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from jacassidy2 in What about plumbers, electricians and builders?   
    re second-handedness
    The idea of being second- handed, as I understand it,  is centered around how one values or picks values. A secondhanded person will look to others for the things to value. Right , wrong or indifferent they will value that which others do. They will not choose their own values but rely on what others think and adopt them seemingly unquestionably. Secondhanders lack discretion , they not only 'go with the flow' but actively pursue the flow and and mimic it. Secondhandedness is less than virtuous based on the idea of its lack of integrity, not from any socio-economic status.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Harrison Danneskjold in Existence exists.   
    In some respects it's funny that seemingly educated people can question what infants and turtles take for granted.
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    tadmjones got a reaction from Collectivist in Objectivism & Fantasy Writing   
    Are you asking if writing fiction is or is not a worthwhile pursuit, or if the genre is "acceptable "?
    I think the answer to the former is obvious, and to the latter maybe don't ask who will let you just let them try and stop you
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