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  1. Ive recently discovered Objectivism and have been amazed by Ayn Rand's writings. Im a senior in high school and before I took an interest in philosophy I was very depressed, I had no idea what I was doing with my life or where I was going. I didnt care about anything, not even myself. I guess the philosophy that would best describe my mood and my thoughts at that time would be Nihilism. I actually believed that no matter what I did some greater power would ruin all my plans, just because it was typical for something to come along and mess everything up. Since ive broken out of that mind set by discovering Objectivism I now know what im doing with my life and where im going. Ive been excepted in to a very good college and everything seems to be falling in to place, however; lately Ive noticed that im beginning to slip back in to my old way of thinking. Over the past month ive been finding it extremely hard to meet people who share the same ideas that I do. As a matter of fact I havent found any. I know not one person my age that has an interest in Objectivism. I know people that read philosophy, but the favorites seem to be Plato and Nietzsche. I dont know what I should do. As time progresses it seems like im becoming more and more lonely which is causing me to become irrational again. I often catch myself saying "so typical" with a sigh. I know its not right to be thinking this way, but something is still trying to justify my despair. This may sound funny, but it seems like the Nihilistic part of my brain is fighting with the Objectivist part. Im just afraid the Nihilistic part is going to win. Im leaving for college in less then a year, and that is the only thing keeping me sane. The question though is, should I try to b.s my friends and act like im having fun, or keep to myself and sink deeper in to this despair that I hate so much? any advice?
  2. I would honestly never speak to this kid again. Given that his statement towards you was obviously meant to make you jealous and angry. On top of which you know he doesn't respect women (why are you still friends with this ass?). You certainly don't hold any right to have this girl on reserve, however; him saying "Well that walk was a BIG success." shows that he is aware of your interest and that he is using it to his advantage.
  3. Well you have to consider why people like to go to the movies in the first place. The average person dosent go to a movie because they want to see a "philosophy lecture", they go to a movie to be entertained and escape from there everyday life. Im not saying I agree with people who try to escape from reality, but most people nowadays pay $10 dollars because they like to forget about they're job, kids, bills, problems of the world etc.
  4. I will now quote a passage from VOS "It is only in emergency situations that one should volunteer to help strangers, if it is in one's power. For instance, a man who values human life and is caught in a shipwreck, should save his fellow passengers(though not at the expense of his own life.). But this does not mean that after they all reach the shore, he should devote his efforts to saving his fellow passengers from poverty, ignorance, neurosis or whatever other troubles they might have. Nor does it mean that he should spend his life sailing the seven seas in search of shipwreck victims to save. "though not at the expense of his own life" The man in the shipwreck scenario is free to help these people just like the fireman is free to help, but not if his life is in jeopardy. "Nor does it mean that he should spend his life sailing the seven seas in search of shipwreck victims to save" This again, relates to the way that a fireman spends his life looking for people in burning buildings to save.
  5. This topic has been dead for awhile, but im still having trouble. Here is a different way to put it. Take firefighters for example. These men and women go rushing in to burning buildings to save people they dont know at a risk of losing they're life. This is the ultimate sacrifice and the highest form of altruism. Yet Objectivists dont seem to have a problem with this. Also if we take a look at Army medics they too are very altruistic. They run out in to combat to rescue wounded soldiers. Why is it ok in this situation, but not in others. Im getting very confused over the concept of things being absolute. This dosent seem very absolute too me.
  6. My favorite Comedy movie has to be The Life Aquatic. Im a very big fan of dry humor and the way that movie was presented I find funny every time I watch and think about it. "Hi im Ned Plimpton... Ok man" My favorite Comedy Television show has to be Family Guy and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. "Oh no, if Lois finds out she will hit me with the frying pan... Thats why im going to drink this frying pan antidote."
  7. What im Running. AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.16 GHz CPU Abit An7 Motherboard (5 PCI, 1 AGP) 160 GB ATA Hard Drive 256 MB Radeon X850 Pro AGP graphics card 1 GB Corsair RAM This is my first custom build and im very happy with it.
  8. The first time I picked up ITOE I didnt understand a single sentence in that book, so I didnt get very far. I went back to rereading VOS and other books by Rand and eventually gave ITOE another shot, and it was nothing like I remembered. I still find ITOE a little hard at times, but for the most part im starting to understand it a lot better.
  9. 1. Ayn Rand (100%) 2. Nietzsche (83%) 3. Thomas Hobbes (80%) 4. David Hume (77%) 5. Aristotle (71%) 6. Plato (71%) 7. Cynics (65%) 8. Stoics (63%) 9. Epicureans (60%) 10. Jean-Paul Sartre (57%) 11. John Stuart Mill (55%) 12. Aquinas (55%) 13. Spinoza (44%) 14. Jeremy Bentham (43%) 15. St. Augustine (37%) 16. Kant (36%) 17. Prescriptivism (31%) 18. Ockham (19%) 19. Nel Noddings (17%)
  10. Havent picked up Day of Defeat: Source yet, but I am a big fan of Half-Life Mods. My favorites are... Natural Selection Day of Defeat Counter Strike Counter Strike: Condition Zero Non-Mod Battlefield 2 StarWars Galaxies
  11. What makes you assume that this guy is on the extreme right?
  12. Im having a lot of trouble grasping the concept of altrusim. The way I see it is, if altrusim didnt exist America might not be here today. Take a soldier for example. This man or women is risking their life, so that other people can be free. Is this not altruistic? In ITOE it says that concepts must be absolute, ok but it seems like theres an exception here, but there can be no exception if something is to be absolute. Also in VOS I believe it mentions that its ok to jump in to a river to save your child from drowning, but should'nt jump in if its a stranger. Again, I cant see how this is being absolute, since there are exceptions. I really need some feedback on this problem im having.
  13. Im totally against racism, and what that guy did was wrong, but im having trouble seeing why Objectivist's in this thread seem to feel that illegal immigrants arent hurting anyone. They are using our streets and roadways and yet they dont have to pay a dime. Why should hard working people be forced to sacrifice there money, while illegal immigrants are free to roam as they please? Also im sick of having to carry a English to Spanish translation book everytime im in California or Florida visiting family. When ordering from a restaurant, there is a complete language barrier, and you know they are being paid under the table. They get in this country, cant speak a word of English and that creates two languages which is going to tear this country appart. I have nothing against immigrants who come here legally and learn to speak English which many have done. My English teacher is one of the many who have come here and learned, and now shes teaching a 12th grade English class.
  14. It would be funny if the shirt actually caught on, but then again it would be bad for Objectivism having a bunch of teenagers wearing Ayn Rand shirts not knowing who she is or caring to find out. Still that would be a sight too see.
  15. Rearden I could'nt agree more. I just love bands who put down the US on how its crupt by money and then you look and the source of all they're money/wealth is from the US. This is why lately I have been listening to more and more Instrumental music, so I dont have to hear people tell me what to think, but even then you stumble upon the website of one of these Instrumental groups and find that they believe just as much in Socialism as "System of a Down"
  16. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Family Guy Late Night with Conan O'Brian Robot Chicken Sealab 2021
  17. Hey pretty good stuff. Which member in the band are you? Your music sort of reminds me of my favorite band Explosions in the Sky, you should check them out. Even though they dont have lyrics, just some of the melodic parts from your music reminds me off them. Do you guys have a CD?
  18. Has anyone seen this movie? I dont have time to explain what the movies about, but it has to do with existentialism and Nihilism.
  19. Isnt this a collectivist attitude. Some people need to sacrifice they're homes for the "Greater Good" (Just as long as its not mine). I fully understand the government saying, ok we need to build a road and your house is in the path of it. Most cases putting a road in a area thats already heavily populated, there is sometimes really no other option then putting it on someones property, but a mall or something of that nature dosent have to be dropped right on someones house. If the place is so populated and their is not one open space that is unoccupied, then why do you need to expand it in the first place? Tomorrow I think im going to get blue prints so I can open a Mega Mall on all the Supreme Court Justices houses. Whos with me?
  20. What is this all about?? Has anyone seen this show on Scifi?? http://www.space.com/sciencefiction/tv/and...ans_000505.html
  21. I thought the movie was very well done, but I felt as if some scenes in the movie may actually be a little disturbing for younger kids. All the hallucinogen parts in the movie would have scared the hell out of me if I was a 9 year-old.
  22. (Moderator's note. The following posts were a separate thread. They have been merged into this related one. - softwareNerd) I have a question that has been bothering me and I just wanted some different views on it. Im new to Objectivism, so if im totally off base please let me know. Ayn Rand was a smoker, so isnt this a irrational thing to be doing since it was damaging her health?
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