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  1. That's what I thought too until I started reading some of the stuff written by the students themselves EDIT: This was in response to softwarenerd's post
  2. I've heard some stories about large amounts of weed smoke at thier concerts
  3. Some of thier songs on thier last CD are pretty bad though, like "Carbon Monoxide" and "Tougher Than It Is". Particularly this last one where it opens with the line "There is no such thing as you". But I do love thier music and even those songs despite thier lyrical problems And oddly I too was thinking about "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"'s lyrics a lot recently
  4. Pandora It's an internent radio that plays music based on what the music you tell it you like using The Music Genome Project to find music with similar qualities. At first it might play a lot of music you don't like, but you can skip songs you don't like as well as prevent them from being played again. So far I've been VERY satisfied with this site and even paid the voluntary donation rather than using it for free because of how much I enjoy it. I'd say it's worth a try if you want to find some new bands to listen to.
  5. Well knowing these offhand is still rather useful if only to save you time you would spend using a calculator.
  6. http://www.popsci.com/popsci/science/0a03b...ecbccdrcrd.html More interesting than the bubbles themselves is the dye he created. This story just shows what a man can do if he holds to his dreams.
  7. Sometmes you just need to say that if the person cannot support themselves without the goverment's help they really shouldn't be alive. You can't be reluctant to say that if someone cannot create the means for thier continued existance they will and should die. All this country gives you is a right to life, not the means for it. This does mean that people will die, but only people who cannot live by thier own ability.
  8. Well the article seems to feel she dosen't even belong in prison to begin with if you ask me. I honestly do have to agree with the article, prison sentences are used too often for things they shouldn't be, and when they are used the experience isn't harsh enough. It has always bothered me the efforts they go to to make prisoners feel better.
  9. Hmmm... I avoided seeing it because it seemed pro-subjectivism, so maybe I shoudl check it out
  10. Thank you, at the moment of reading your post I had to smack myself and think to myself "Now why didn't I think of that" That explains a lot for me... I always thought that she held the same beliefs as Roark, which I realize now was a mistake, so her actions wouldn't make much sense in that case. This puts a whole new light on it, thank you.
  11. I think you are missing a crucial point that was made in Atlas Shrugged. Remember what Dagny had told Francisco about her love for him after it was apparnant she loved Galt? It was that she still loves Francisco, only she loves Galt more and therefore chooses to be with him. Since love is based on what you value in the other person, how could what value someone else have affect your own value? I think what you've forgotten is that love can be felt more strongly or less depending on what value they are to you. She still loved Francisco and Rearden just as much as she always had, but now there was a new man in her life she loved more than she ever loved them.
  12. I also find I sometimes have trouble reading the Fountainhead because of the fact that I still, after reading it three times through, cannot understand some of the characters. I can understand Roark, Gail, Henry Cameron, Austen Heller, Mike, Ellsworth, ect. But when it comes to reading about three people I just get an extreme feeling of confusion, those characters being Peter Keating, Catherine, and Dominque. Thier actions just never seem to quite make any sense to me whatsoever.
  13. I did like this film quite a bit, I think what I disliked the most was the ending. This has more to do with the plot than anything else. *spoiler* At the end the product has to be discontinued because a type of bacteria inside the feces would become quite deadly when the product was used on it. I just couldn't see why they wouldn't just combine thier product with some antibacterial spray like Lysol >_< *end spoiler*
  14. Heh, I think we all can agree with that
  15. I've never really understood exactly what people mean when they say "Folk Music". Does it encompass all traditional music? I have to say in that case that the grouping isn't done very well since the only common characteristic would be that the music is old, when the style of the music can vary greatly depending on the location it came from. For example, I absolutly love some traditional Irish songs, but have yet to hear any traditional African music that dosen't sound horrible.
  16. Now I don't mean the idea of having a bill for $2, but the way the $2 bill was designed. On the back of a $1 bill there is that weird pyramid thing and the eagle seal. On the back of a $5 bill there is the Lincoln Monument. On the back of a $10 bill there is the U.S. Treasury. On the back of a $20 bill is The White House. On the back of a $50 bill is the U.S. Capitol. On the back of a $100 is Independence Hall. But on the back of a $2 bill is something much better, a rendition of the Declaration of Independence! It may just be me but I find the document stating that each man has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of his own happiness and that it is only to insure these rights that governments exist much more uplifting than any building. Not to mention it has Thomas Jefferson on the front, instead of some of the less important figures other bills sport, such as Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill. The front and back of this bill can be seen here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._two_dollar_bill . What do you guys think about it?
  17. I don't think that is meant to make you choose between the two. If you disagree and say you do not value businessmen over writers, you are nto saying you value writers over businessmen. All you are saying is that writers not inherently worse than businessmen. I think it's kinda funny that there are numerous historical figures in EVERY part of the grid aside from where Randians would fit in
  18. I'm pretty sure that would be illegal, I think you need to be born in the U.S. to run for president.
  19. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/politics/4052240/detail.html "Last year, we had $78 billion in revenues coming in. The great news is that this year, we have $83 billion coming in, over $5 billion more than last year. Now that is terrific. However, various budget formulas require us to spend over $10 billion more. Do the math. Our revenue increases by more than 5 billion but our spending increases by over 10 billion. We don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. In fact, the way the formulas now work, we will never catch up. No matter how well we do, the current system is programmed to spend even more. It is on automatic pilot. It is accountable to no one. Where will it all stop? How will it stop unless we stop it? The truth is that we cannot fix the budget deficit without first fixing the budget system. The Constitution requires that I submit a budget to you, which I will do in a few days. Yes, it sounds good, and it would get us through the current year, but I do not like this budget at all. It does not solve our ongoing structural problem, because our deficit the following year will be even worse. It does not restore the integrity of the budgetary process. It is a painful budget forced upon us by a broken system. And we all know what's going to happen. The special interests will run TV ads calling me cruel and heartless. They will organize protests out in front of the Capitol. They will try to say I don't understand the consequences of these decisions. Let me tell you something. I am well aware there are lives behind the numbers. But I have a responsibility for the fiscal health of this state and for the honesty of its finances. A lot of people say, "Arnold, why don't you just raise taxes and be done with it?" Well, as I said earlier, we don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. We could raise taxes by billions but that would only further drive up spending by billions of dollars. California would never come out ahead. Our economy would suffer, jobs would be lost and the people would be punished. Unless we go to the root of the problem and reform the system, the budget will continue to be one big fight, year after year after year. I don't mind a fight, but if there is to be one, let it be over new, important things that move us beyond the past. Therefore, in the special session, I will submit to you legislation that cuts expenditures across the board when they grow above revenues." I laughed when Arnold first came into office in California, but it seems he is actually doing a great job.
  20. 1. Ayn Rand (100%) Click here for info 2. Jean-Paul Sartre (88%) Click here for info 3. David Hume (87%) Click here for info 4. Nietzsche (81%) Click here for info 5. Aristotle (78%) Click here for info 6. Plato (77%) Click here for info 7. Thomas Hobbes (76%) Click here for info 8. Spinoza (73%) Click here for info 9. St. Augustine (64%) Click here for info 10. Aquinas (63%) Click here for info 11. Jeremy Bentham (60%) Click here for info 12. John Stuart Mill (59%) Click here for info 13. Kant (57%) Click here for info 14. Stoics (57%) Click here for info 15. Prescriptivism (52%) Click here for info 16. Cynics (50%) Click here for info 17. Epicureans (50%) Click here for info 18. Ockham (32%) Click here for info 19. Nel Noddings (28%) Click here for info
  21. Tales of Symphonia has a anti-sacrificial message. Though at some parts it will promote the importance of the "heart" for the most part the message is anti-sacrifice. *spoilers* A couple moments come to mind.... the hero constantly mentions that it is wrong for anyone to demand another to sacrifice thier life, no matter what end it would achive. In one cutscene, one of my favorites, the wealthy aristocrat character(my favorite) asks a poor women why she left her child alone to walk the streets. She says she was trying to find a job, but nobody would hire her because she was filthy(since she did not have money to bathe). The child blames the aristocrat character saying that it's his responsability to give more to the poor. He replies saying that the child should be able to find work to help his mother support him, and that if he wasn't going to do all he can to help himself, then he should not ask for the help of others. The mother agrees. The scene ends when the aristocrat offers to the women to use his house to wash up and find a job. Towards the end the professor is in a deadly trap, but urges the hero to hurry on to stop the vilan from dooming the world. He responds saying that he won't let anybody sacrifice themselves anymore. She responds saying that since she is dieing for her values, that without which her life would be without value, it is not a sacrifice. The vilan's plan is to make everyone the same "lifeless beings" so that discrimination will dissapear. *end spoilers* All in all this game has to have the best message out of any game I played. I really suggest that anyone with a Gamecube and some spare time pick up a copy of this game.
  22. I think you are, at least about how our schoold currently are, since the 6th grade our history/English(if we didn't have a history class that year) spent a month focusing on World War II and the Holocaust.... if you ask me that's overkill, but it is being taught. This might just be my county though since school polocies vary from county to county. However the majority of those being polled went to school at a different time your estimate may be correct.
  23. What more can you expect from a show where one of the characters has the power of "heart"?
  24. I always thought we should send him back on the grounds that he was an illegal immigrant
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