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  1. Fashionable for superheroes.
  2. I feel like I'm intellectually gulching. Does that count?
  3. If we had a time machine, Jimmy Stewart would play Hank Rearden.
  4. The only one I've really seen is the one about Environmentalism. But I do know Penn is pretty thoughtful, I saw his video about the troops and CD thing
  5. I always thought she looked like someone who belonged in her time, know what I'm saying?
  6. More like: A Mexican corporation: You have two cows. Nevermind, you have one cow. The other ran north of the border.
  7. AS is way too long, lol. Personally, I think TF is fine for a primer.
  8. Man, if only they had a school like this in the US. I would go for it in a heartbeat.
  9. I used to be real big on it. I had featured images and everything (look me up, user PiOfFive) The problem is it gets old fast. Like it's impossible to try and be funny in your own way with some blimey Brit coming behind you and reworking your whole article.
  10. I was there when it happened. What can I say? Her mouth was smaller than I thought.
  11. Well, if I said I finished 30 minutes ago again, I don't think anyone would believe me. More like 30 days, lol
  12. Come to think of it, there are some similarities between Jack and Howard Roark
  13. I always thought it was funny that god punished man to toil on the earth (i.e., be productive), and then demands a return on their work because it was a "blessing". In reality, any time god 'blessed' a king's reign with prosperity, it wasn't some divine act of god. It was a man toiling away on a field, a mine, or a workshop creating wealth.
  14. Not a bad move. She does have more balls than Obama.
  15. I remember there being a reference about the "People's States" selling crown jewels on the black market, but no one was left to afford them. Maybe he got it that way?
  16. I thought it was Rearden getting turned-on by the thought of her being chained, which is what he wanted since he first met her, as we learn later.
  17. I knew James was a problem from the first scene where he's snapping at Dagny "I didn't say that!". I think he stays vegetative. He's like a baby that has had no experience dealing with reality, and he'll never grasp it.
  18. With Texas, it would be much more amicable. Or less. I could see us seceding because of some stupid gun law.
  19. Just finished it 30 minutes ago. Best book evah
  20. If you want to have your Down syndrome child for whatever reason, go right ahead. But please, do not just use the child as an excuse to get on the government dole.
  21. "Hot 'N Cold" by Katy Perry. Haha, don't ask me why, but I become incredibly happy when that song plays on the radio
  22. Sir Andrew

    Beauty by Race

    Her comment seems logical, but keep in mind that most white Americans are in fact a mixed breed
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