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Reactions Should be Infinite

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Who is to say?

How about existence. Existence is packed full of stuff. Some of it we like, some of it we don't like.

Even of the stuff we like, there is a limit. Take the enjoyment of reading. Next, head to a large metropolitan library and not counting the books that haven't been written yet, could you read all of the books present?

Or the grocery store. Even with a bottomless pocket of cash, could you buy everything in the store and consume it each day?

I believe an excellent term introduced to me via Objectivist literature was teleological measurement. I'm not sure what the threshold is set at currently, but like money and time, you have limited amounts. The posts you choose to spend your daily reaction allotment on by the nature of reality excludes the posts you might also like to allocate them to.

Unlike time and money, they appear to be distributed like "universal daily income", with the extra caveat that if you don't use them, you do lose them.

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