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Who here is a radical for capitalism, and what does it mean to you to be a radical for capitalism?

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An interesting thing about "roots" is how they spread out and go in different directions on some plants, while others rely primarily on a "tap root". While examining the root(s) of morality, she indicated where man needed morality the most, on a desert island, where neither a thriving economy based on a division of labor or the political system needed for it to function within were present.

An island is pretty concrete. I might consider as a plausible argument that an island could be considered as a first-level concept.

"You who prattle that morality is social and that man would need no morality on a desert island—it is on a desert island that he would need it most. Let him try to claim, when there are no victims to pay for it, that a rock is a house, that sand is clothing, that food will drop into his mouth without cause or effort, that he will collect a harvest tomorrow by devouring his stock seed today—and reality will wipe him out, as he deserves; reality will show him that life is a value to be bought and that thinking is the only coin noble enough to buy it."

To put this into surveyors terms, she has effectively staked out a plausible moral high ground. This is a [/the] prerequisite for "living in society"


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