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Reblogged:How to 'Reduce the Heat'

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Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit does a fine job of answering Donald Trump's threatening question to the Attorney General regarding how his followers -- Trump's term! -- might react to the Mar-a-Lago raid.

What I like about the list is that it lays out for all just how ridiculous Trump's behavior has been on the matter of the classified documents every step of the way. I'll simply duplicate the list below:
Trump knows good and well how to turn his hand in the opposite direction. (Image by Kwon Junho, via Unsplash, license.)
  1. He could have returned all of the documents the first time the National Archives asked for them back.
  2. He could have returned them later when the DOJ subpoenaed them.
  3. Having failed to return them, he could have kept the search of Mar-a-Lago a secret. Remember, it wasn't the feds who announced it. Trump announced it on Truth Social because he recognized that the incident would benefit him politically. The FBI even carried out the search dressed in civilian clothing so as not to alert bystanders as to what was happening. Trump alerted the country because he wanted to raise "the heat."
  4. He could now call on his followers to chill out before one of them kills someone, as nearly happened a few days ago in Cincinnati.
  5. He could, at the very, very least, refrain from further inflaming the situation... [links omitted]
This man's half-calculated, half-erratic behavior before, during, and after the 2020 election should alarm people across the political spectrum. It is a disgrace that the Republican Party seems content to remain his lapdogs.

Furthermore, if the current administration has legal grounds to bar Trump from running for office and fails to pursue them, it will be at least equally wrong. On that last score, I am afraid they will be tempted to stop short of doing so, as I have explained before.

The fact that the Democrats specialize in inciting riots does not mean that the proper response is to do the same thing. Not, at least, for anyone who values the freedom and prosperity that come with law, order, and government protection of individual rights.

-- CAV

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Or he declassified the material while in office and took 'hardcopies' and any actions by DOJ or FBI to force him to return would blow up in their faces and he let them blow up their faces.

Garland already had to go on tv to explain that AG don't talk about this stuff and this stuff isn't over yet .

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Is this the seventeen thousand four hundred eighty seventh attempt to finally, totally, once-and-for-all, get that bad Trump, or am I forgetting one?
But this time will be different! This time they’ve really got him! This time it isn’t about lies they made up! This time he messed up real bad!

Such excellent entertainment.

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