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Ninth Doctor

Atlas Shrugged Part III Greenlighted

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To those who've seen it, just remember: That was 99 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.


The 2014 production of Atlas Shrugged (3) is in my DVD collection. I am not saying that to brag; this is not a film I would recommend, unless an acquaintance was curious enough to watch it. I recently ordered it out of my own curiosity, and to complete my collection of the other two. And as the others have mentioned, this three part adaptation is not a huge sensation for a reason,i.e. it is lame. There are many reasons I make that claim, but why bother to elaborate. To understand the intended meaning to Ayn Rand's writing, one must crack open the book. There are people who will never read a book, and therefore never have the intellectual experience of digesting this important novel, nor any other story in its entirety. For those, like myself, who have read the book, this Youtube video is the best I've seen. It is a montage of images illustrating an excellent reading of the "I am John Galt" speech. It is introduced by none other than Fred Thompson, the actor, lawyer, and former congressman.

If you watch it in its entirety, it is much better entertainment than the film, although the uninitiated viewer may not be able to appreciate it in the context of the larger story. And it is not the complete and unedited speech. Yet, the creator used some terrific, and probably copyrighted materials to make this series of videos. I recommend it for those seeking a visual adaptation of Ayn Rand's achievement.

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