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  1. It looks like the Southern Illinois University Press leaves out Impressions of Soviet Russia and the revolutionary world ("and the revolutionary world" is not capitalized on the title page). The first six chapters, the ones about Soviet Russia: Impressions of Soviet Russia
  2. The late John Ridpath might have been interested in joining such a movement.
  3. Great preliminary analysis by Rudy Giuliani: The Rally and the Riot: What Really Happened On January 6th (uploaded to BitChute after techtotalitarians removed it from YouTube).
  4. Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, trespassed on what people who go in for hypocrisy call “the sacred temple of democracy” (Wesley Widmaier). For this misdemeanor she got what she deserved, shot through the neck and killed. It was just and right.
  5. No. "Idiots" is vulgar. I ought to have written: His detractors call him "authoritarian" when his problem was that he wasn't authoritarian enough.
  6. The time and place for riots was the day or so after election day at each separate state capitol. States are responsible for their elections. It is the state legislators who allowed the 2020 election to be stolen and who should have been the target. In D.C. on January 6 what could the protesters have hoped to accomplish? Without agent provocateurs – Antifa and perhaps deep state actors (probably there’s overlap between the two) – if enough protesters had occupied the Capitol building they might have delayed the event indefinitely, and given the public time to realize the election had been stolen. There were two problems. The existence of agent provocateurs within their ranks. That was easily foreseen. Their purpose was to make the occupation look bad. The other problem was that Trump was not on the protesters’ side. He could have ordered Capitol security to leave the protesters alone but he did nothing. All through his presidency Trump doesn't seem to have realized that he was president. Idiots call him "authoritarian" when his problem was that he wasn't authoritarian enough. Before the election all he did about mail-in ballots was tweet. Could he have made mail-in ballots illegal by executive order? I don't know, but he could have made some real effort instead of just talking. The same goes for the other methods of election fraud. Anyway, too little too late. Events should not have been allowed to reach the point they did.
  7. merjet, Duh! But what is the relevance of your remark? Have you read any of my references regarding the evidence? How much proof do you need? I'm not here to read them for you. You don't even need my references, you can use the Internet as well as I can. Don't be like Yaron Brook and Gregory Salmieri.
  8. DonAthos, “Trump is an authoritarian and a statist.” Even if partly true Trump still looks great compared with Biden/Kamala. “He has been searching for a way to overturn the election for months ...” Overturn? Trump and many others claim that Biden/Kamala’s victory was due to massive election fraud. There are many links to articles about this at the end of Theft of the U.S. Presidency. The most articulate are Bill Whittle, Scott Adams, and Paul Craig Roberts.
  9. Wrong in the tactical sense, not the moral. They should have known it would play bad visually and that Antifa would make it look even worse.
  10. I listened to part of Trump’s speech, as much as I could stomach. He threw loyal supporters under the bus. It was all right to say that storming the Capitol was the wrong thing to do but then he should have said that he understood their feelings and motivation. And he should have described, at length, the role of Antifa. Not only did Trump concede, worse, his use of the past tense sounds like he has given up trying to get election fraud acknowledged in the courts. He has dropped all election challenges in Georgia according to this article.
  11. From today’s New York Times: Chief Steven A. Sund of the Capitol Police ... defended the actions of the officers as “heroic,” despite widespread criticism over how easily they were overrun by the mob of Trump supporters. ... In a pair of videos ... a woman who has a Make America Great Again flag draped around her can be seen stepping up to a ledge next to a door to the Speaker’s Lobby, a long hallway with portraits of former speakers of the House. As soon as she steps up to the ledge next to the door, a loud bang can be heard, and she falls to the ground. ... ... Chief Sund said his agency had placed the officer who shot Ms. Babbitt on administrative leave and that the officer’s police powers had been suspended. He did not identify the officer.
  12. You can figure out who killed her from: CBSnews.com: “A woman was shot by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer after breaching the Capitol and attempting to enter the House chamber, according to acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee. She was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead, Contee said. The shooting is being investigated by MPD's internal affairs unit, which is responsible for investigating all officer-involved deaths in Washington, D.C., even those involving other agencies.” Woman, unarmed, trespassing. A trigger-happy plainclothes policeman?
  13. Eiuol, It’s not arbitrary, even without the evidence provided by Tracy Beanz on Twitter. Biden had everything to gain from this spectacle and false flagging is what leftists do. See also https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3920775/posts Speaking of “arbitrary” see Mouthpieces for Election Riggers
  14. Brook’s views on the vote count controversy are reviewed here.
  15. Yaron Brook thinks he got what he hoped for but there are many anomalies in the election. He came out November 5th or 6th saying that his “educated guess” is that there will be no “provable” vote fraud. He meant fraud either by those who want the Republicans to win or by those who want the Democrats to win, he sees the two groups as equally likely to engage in fraud. His arguments are ridiculous, see: Yaron Brook Show (starts at 9:44)
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