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    Jon Letendre reacted to tadmjones in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    You can make allowances for any rules, as long as you are the rule maker.
    The question is whether or not these rules , the masking and the social distancing rules in place in the USA in 2020 are in anyway beneficial to anyone's health and well being. Personally I believe they are being imposed as a means of control, a way to train the populace for compliance.
    And it's working, a year ago if someone said the government were going to confiscate most privately held businesses and obliterate the middle class they would have been derided as paranoid. Now that it's happening , few are doing anything about it.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to tadmjones in Reblogged:It Is Not 'Self-Interest' to Take Illness Lightly   
    The level of burden is relative and any is more than none. Asthmatic individuals can suffer adversely from breathing restrictions and care givers of the non-ambulatory disabled  can not maintain distance.
    I find the level of compliance to be heavily burdensome just by virtue of the annoyance, my quality of life is affected by regulation and not the biology. One is and should be avoidable. Given the level of medical knowledge and technologies and a better current understanding of the China Death Plague almost all responses from government is overblown and it is becoming increasingly obvious purposefully so.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to tadmjones in 2020 election   
    My estimation of Trump’s support led me to believe that he would win re-election and that if he didn’t win , it would be because of vote count manipulation. 
    Sharing that sentiment cemented my conspiratorial nature and had me being branded as beyond naive and prey to vicious lies designed to overthrow the rule of law.
    I have to say I’m still comfortable in my deluded state and not ready to abandon it.
    The liars’ lies still seem plausible, the lies only seem to be more and more plausible , are they that well crafted ? Am I still blinded and completely deluded? 
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    Jon Letendre reacted to tadmjones in 2020 election   
    Yeah Biden won, no strings.
    Countries around the world put in place public policy that had never been heard of prior , no strings.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to Dupin in Biden is our only hope, says Yaron Brook   
    Yaron Brook thinks he got what he hoped for but there are many anomalies in the election.
    He came out November 5th or 6th saying that his “educated guess” is that there will be no “provable” vote fraud.  He meant fraud either by those who want the  Republicans to win or by those who want the Democrats to win, he sees the two groups as equally likely to engage in fraud. His arguments are ridiculous, see:
    Yaron Brook Show (starts at 9:44)
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    Jon Letendre reacted to tadmjones in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Do I have insight as to the provenance of Q ? Nope. I’m a fan of the phenomenon though. Even as ( or especially as) allegory.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to necrovore in 2020 Election Statistical Anomaly?   
    I'm curious what people think of this... I'd like to see a list of all the states this is happening in, and I'd like to know the probability that it could happen by chance.
    I mean, regardless of what you may think of the source... these are actual numbers, and it should be possible to check them... right?
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    Jon Letendre reacted to dream_weaver in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    It appears you've made the Garbage Pile with your Bickering crap.
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    Jon Letendre got a reaction from MisterSwig in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Here are just two shelves of mine.
    I have all the extra paperback Atlases and Anthems and Capitalisms and Virtues because there are still some used bookstores in Denver and I pick up every copy I find and I place them into the free libraries that are spotted all over Denver in front yards.
    I have read and loved Ayn Rand and promoted her ideas since I was fourteen years old.

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    Jon Letendre got a reaction from Easy Truth in The Bobulinski angle on Biden   
    Indeed, he is totally owned by the Communist Party that has tormented billions of people for generations.
    Trump swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, so he can not and will not allow Biden to assume the Presidency. The Biden Crime Family and the rest of the filthy Washington swamp will be dealt with appropriately in Trump's glorious second term, all backed up by the newly-legitimate Supreme Court.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to Dupin in Biden is our only hope, says Yaron Brook   
    I’m no fan of Bradley Thompson – he continues to defend Carl Barney and Richard Minns in that he blocked me on Twitter for bringing up their issues.  But to give credit where it’s due he has been promoting Trump this election.  For example this article, published in of all places The American Conservative:
    Donald Trump and the Revolt of the Unseen
    and part of the interview with Dave Rubin (39:40 to 41:45)
    Historian: Correcting Myths of The Founding Fathers
    Rubin Report  August  29th 2020 (reviewed here).  In the interview Thompson says:
    For one of the ugliest aspects of the Deep State see the two articles referenced in my last post.
    Were it not for Trump the mainstream media would not be talking about immigration.  The public has always been against unrestricted immigration, Trump just jumped in front of a parade that has been on the march for a long time.
    Is the public right?  There has been much debate in the Objectivist movement about immigration.  Your position is that:
    But I along with many others in Objectivist circles disagree.  Our position is that the alien who illegally crosses our border is the one initiating force against us and violating our rights.  I’m not going into the subject here, just pointing out that the answer to the immigration question isn’t as obvious as you seem to think.
    I did not say Rand would have endorsed Trump, period.  That’s a straw man easily knocked over.  I think she would have liked much about him, including his campaign against “Fake News.”  Recall that Rand strongly approved of Spiro Agnew’s counter-attack against the MSM of his day.  You’ll find a long quote of her on the subject in the Shysters article mentioned in an earlier post.
    Look at Trump’s opponent.  I think Rand would have hated Biden far more than ever she did McGovern.  (McGovern’s politics may have been abysmal but at least personally he was a decent man.)
    You agree that Trump did good by ending an Obama regulation that forced low-income housing onto suburbs yet you aren’t satisfied because he didn’t put that good action in a broader philosophical context.  Most people here would have liked to have seen that too but we can still appreciate what he did.  I can't understand this perfectionist attitude, where no matter what good Trump does it doesn't matter because he doesn't know what he's doing on a higher intellectual level, therefore replace him with Biden, who does know what he's doing.
    I don’t see any obvious religious pandering in Trump’s Supreme Court appointments.  In the case of Barrett perhaps there was feminist pandering
    Anyway, we are comparing Trump with Biden.  If Biden wins and manages to expand and pack the Supreme Court, will his appointments be better?  (A rhetorical question to end all rhetorical questions.)
    You insinuate that Russiagate is Fake News.  In fact it is the highest crime ever in U.S. history, an illegal attempt by men within the U.S. government itself to undo the election of a president.  Two of the best commentators  about it are Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Cohen.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to MisterSwig in Biden is our only hope, says Yaron Brook   
    This is not a right. When you live in a society, you assume the natural risks inherent in that social condition. Other people must also live their lives, which means possibly infecting others with communicable diseases. You might have a case if they purposefully infect you, showing a malicious intent. But, otherwise, being exposed to disease is part of the struggle with nature.
    In a pandemic, though, the risk might be so extreme that it constitutes a national emergency to the proper functioning of society itself. In emergencies it's not always clear how best to get out of them. Extreme measures, including restrictions on freedoms, are sometimes necessary, when simply interacting with others might increase the problem.
    I don't blame Trump for failing to protect people from the Wu. It's like blaming him for failing to protect people from hurricanes and earthquakes. There was only so much Trump could do under our system of government. Mostly it's the state and local leaders' responsibility to deal with diseases spreading in their regions. 
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    Jon Letendre reacted to MisterSwig in Why I Like Trump   
    At the first presidential debate Joe Biden and Chris Wallace started interrupting President Trump soon after the initial round of two-minute answers. Trump then went into beast mode, like any self-respecting man might do who was being attacked from both directions. He verbally smashed Biden like an action hero smashing henchmen in order to reach the big villain. "Biden as henchman" is an apt analogy, I think, because he is just a little man with little ideas. He's a weak human shield for the pack of thirsty socialists peeking over his shoulder.
    Listening to Biden debate was like watching a robot whose battery is running down. As Trump vigorously interrupted him, Biden might have called the president "disrespectful" or even "rude"--and made it stick! Instead he called Trump a "clown" and immediately retreated from his own word, changing the insult to "person." Even Biden's invective arrives dead in the water. He's practically lifeless. If he wins, what vitality will help him fend off the rabid socialists in his own political party?
    I smile when Trump treats these people with due disrespect. I nod when he gives them appropriate nicknames like "Sleepy" Joe. (It's hard to distinguish one human shield from another without such colorful monikers.) And I clap when Trump points across the battlefield and calls them all "socialists." It's time to draw a political line in the sand. Trump's line will do for now. It's not the best or clearest line, but it's better than nothing. It helps rally forces against the more devoted socialists in this country--and some of their support networks.
    Politically the battle is between various types of socialists and various types of capitalists. Over the years much mixing has taken place, which makes it difficult to sort out the different sides. But the sorting must happen if we are to ever rid ourselves of socialism. Trump is the candidate actively attempting the division.
    On a more personal level, I recall that in 2016 Trump told USA Today that he was an "Ayn Rand fan." He even identified with Howard Roark. This makes me happy--that someone running for president would admit to liking Rand, and even connecting with her protagonist in The Fountainhead. Trump doesn't represent the core of Rand's philosophy, but it's a good sign that he shares some of the ideas and the sense of life found in her novel.
    Has Biden ever said a kind word about Rand? I challenge you to find one.
    Trump believes in "the power of positive thinking," which he picked up from pastor Norman Vincent Peale. Whether this power comes from God or from one's self, it results in a psychological orientation towards "positive thinking." Further, it apparently helps Trump focus on finding solutions to problems. But even if this idea offers little philosophical value, the name still contains the words "positive" and "thinking," which is something to go on. Trump's speeches are often full of off-script remarks, indicating an actively engaged mind. Unlike Biden, Trump holds his own at regular press conferences and interviews. He entertains large audiences at his rallies, usually for an hour or more. He has a bold sense of humor and rarely fails to communicate his freshest thoughts--sometimes to a fault. Given his positivity and mental output, I'm not surprised that our president appreciates Rand's fiction, which celebrates rational thought and achievement.
    Primarily for the above political and personal reasons, I'm voting for Trump. In the end, I hope you consider what you want in a president that is of political and personal value to yourself, and vote according to your values.
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    Jon Letendre reacted to whYNOT in 2020 election   
    As much as there exists Capitalism in the US by laissez-faire standards, the economic choice is this:
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    Jon Letendre reacted to Boydstun in 2020 election   
    Merlin, under the heading of this thread: Are you going to vote for the Trump/Pence ticket? The Supreme Court overthrow of Roe will have already been accomplished as far as that can be affected by getting anti-abortion seats on the Court. (I think all the talk about increasing the number of Justices on the Court is junk-prayer talk, just like Sen. Cruz in the 2016 Primary telling his evangelical base that he would go for a Constitutional Amendment to allow States to bar same-sex marriage---when you see that sort of recourse proposed, you know that side has simply lost the issue.) I voted always against anti-Roe candidates my whole voting life, but fact is, we have now lost.
    We sent in our mail ballots, voting for Biden/Harris this week. Hoping this time as last that the electoral votes of Virginia do not go the guy for whom a day without malice is a day without sunshine.
    Fivethirtyeight's projections of possible outcomes as of today (77 - Biden / 22 - Trump) are in this next link. I gather it is updated daily. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/ 
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