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What is your favorite love song?

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Erik Christensen

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Depends upon my mood. :P

A quiet, pleasant mood leads to Irving Berlin's Isn't This A Lovely Day; "Let the rain pitter patter, but it really doesn't matter ..." Charming.

Or Richard Rodgers' & Larry Hart's My Romance; "Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true ..." Beautiful.

A loud, boisterious mood leads to Van Halen's So This Is Love?; Diamond Dave: "Big double take, but ya keep on walkin'!" Good stuff.

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When my wife and I started going out it seemed every time we did Madonna's "Crazy For You" was playing. I also really like "18th Floor Balcony" by Blue October.

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So I've decided. It's "I Wanna Be Happy" by the Queers. It's a song more about longing for a girl than actually being in a relationship, which is more of what i have related to the last few years. It's about a girl who everyone thinks is too good for the narrator. Pretty corny, but corny is what I like.

The lyrics are simply and non-pretentious and the melody has the same rhythm of the 50s with a punk sound. The Queers are masters of that.

Short, sweet, poppy, sappy and sentimental.

However, Unchained Melody is another good choice. What an intense song.

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I discovered Marc Anthony first with his romantic slower salsa songs. I am totally in love with this guys voice. Jennifer Lopez is a fortunate woman. This song is from Zorro. What a wonderful treat when this song came out. It is one of those times in life when accident creates a very solemn experience: Zorro AND Marc Anthony!?

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You

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"Slide" The Goo Goo Dolls

"Love Me Like Music (I'll be your song)" Heart

And my favorite, "Anywhere" by Evanescence:

"Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me and

Dear my love, haven't you longed to be free

I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you and

Come sweet night you are my own

Take my hand

We're leaving here tonight,

There's no need to tell anyone, they'll only hold us down

So by the morning's light

We'll be halfway to anywhere, where love is more than just your name"

And because love has a dark side:

"Every Breath you Take" The Police

"Big Empty" Stone Temple Pilots

"Enough of Me" Melissa Etheridge

and of course...

"All the Same" Sick Puppies

"I don't mind where you come from, as long as you come to me

But I don't like illusions I can't see them clearly

I don't care, though I wouldn't dare to fix the twist in you

But you showed me eventually what you'll do

I don't mind, I don't care, as long as you're here

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again, you'll just come back runnin'

Holding your scarred heart in hand, it's all the same

And I'll take you for who you are, if you take me for everything

Do it all over again, It's all the same"

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My favorite is probably "Can You Read My Mind?", as sung by Maureen McGovern. The music is from the movie Superman, but the song is never sung in the film--the lyrics are spoken, by Margot Kidder. It works quite well in the movie; nevertheless, it is wonderful to hear the words sung.

Here's the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYZidVGhQqc.

(Incidentally, when the words read out on the screen and they say "...a god or a fool..", I believe McGovern actually sings "...a god...I'm a fool".)

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The Way You Look Tonight I couldn't find just a normal version, but it's a great song.

Yeah, the Reggae tinge doesn't work. Try this link, the first song on the list: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...riendID=8657050

There are so many love songs ... but one that sticks out for me is Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison, because it reminds me of a girl I know. Van Morrison took everything off the web, except live performances, which aren't too good, unfortunately. The best I've heard is Van Morrison's studio version. Also rans just don't work well with this song.

Crystal Gayle, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue:


This is a love/lust song. :P

Deep Purple, Hush.


This is a love song for the self:

Whitney Houston --- Greatest Love of All


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"Tied Up" Sung by Olivia Newton John:

"What does it matter who's been taken in?

When there are two hearts aching to begin?

Here's the opportunity

Come and take it to the Nth degree

Don't be nervous I don't have to be

Tied up in promises

Ooh tied up in words that cut too deep.

Tied up in promises we could never keep."

Also "Allies" by Heart, "Summer Rain" by Belinda Carlisle, "Show Me Heaven," sung by Laura Branigan and "Everything I Wanted" by Susanna Hoffs

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"For You" John Denver (definitely my #1)

"Unforgettable" & "When I fall in love"- Nat King Cole\

"Dream Catch Me" Newton Faulkner

"Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" Landon Pigg

"Unchained Melody" Righteous Brothers

"This Naked Woman" (I think it's by Nina Story... where's my ipod when I need it)

"The Story" Brandi Carlisle

"When the Stars go Blue" by U2 & The Corrs

"All is full of Love" Bjork... and I am willing to take the flack for liking some of Bjork's stuff :D

"Anything you want" Roy Orbison

"I can't help falling in love with you" Elvis

And despite the melancholy story of the song,

"Almost Lover" by A fine Frenzy

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My favorite love song of all time comes from an Opera, Samson et Delila, by Camille Saint-Saens. It is the aria "My heart opens up to your voice.."

And my absolute favorite version, that I think captures EVERYTHING that is said in this piece, is by the amazing American mezzosoprano, Shirley Verret:


My heart opens to your voice,

like the flowers open

To the kisses of the dawn!

But, o my beloved,

To dry my tears the best,

Let your voice speak again!

Tell me that to Dalila

You will return forever,

Repeat to my tenderness

The oaths of other times,

the oaths that I loved!

Ah! respond to my tenderness!

Pour the escstasy!

Just as one sees the blades

of wheat fields undulate

Under the light breeze,

So trembles my hear,

ready to be consoled,

by your voice which is dear to me!

The arrow is less quick

to carry death,

Than is your love

to fly into my arms!

Ah! resond to my tenderness!

Pour the ecstasy!

Samson! Samson! I love you!

The second one is One Furtive Tear from the Opera The Elixir of Love by Donizetti (which I just sang in, actually, as the lead role of Nemorino, who sings this aria).

My favorite version is sung by Tito Schipa, but I couldn't find any clips of it, so I give you my second favorite version, by Beniamino Gigli:



A sullen and secret tear

Appeared in her eyes

Those young girls

Seemed to provoke her jealousy...

What more searching need I do?

She loves me!

If I could, for a moment, feel

The beating of her heart,

And feel her sighs confounding

With my own...

Oh Heavens! Then I could die;

I ask for no more!

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