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Analysis of "Maslow's model of motivation" from the perspective of Objectivism

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The information is needed for my research on the topic of “Behavioral school of management”, included in my upcoming book "Reinventing Management: Organizational Ethics from Objectivism". Most widely used and accepted theory here is “Maslow’s hierarchy of Values.” This is what I have written on the description of subject.

Most influential here is Maslow’s theory of motivation, claiming that first motivators are physiological factors like food, shelter etc. After that come safety factors like insurance, then meaningful social relationships, then social status and reputation, and finally the individual’s need to find himself or herself. The final one is self-actualization. 



wanted to know if any work has been done (or referred) by Objectivists in this regard?

Maslow Model.png

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T Smith, Viable Values pp. 133-43

J Lennox, "Health as an objective value" Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

Not specifically Objectivist but salient to your point:

G Thompson, Needs 

C Ryff, Model of Psychological Well-being: The Six Criteria of Well-Being

C Keyes, "The mental health continuum: From languishing to flourishing in life" Journal of Health and Social Behavior

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