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Back on the table: The Iran Nuclear Deal.

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This topic is not getting any interest. Not too long ago, the refrain from some Objectivists was scarily, neo-Con-like: Bomb Tehran! (Whew). Today others might be saying, well, appeasement might work. Why not try it? Could be they have legitimate cause to hate us.

Which could be a case example for *the false alternative*.

Iran, accurately, its leaders, never even pretended to abide by the conditions of the nuclear deal; the Syrian war and massive civilian death, was going on all the while, and Al-Assad's regime was supported with materiel, money, training and combatants, by Iran. Not much in the News about that. Then their overt forays into other territories and clear backing for terrorism. What makes anyone in the West believe their good intentions? (That charming F.M. Jahad Zarif, he with the big lying smile, could have been enough persuasion for those gullibles). There was hardly an Arab and Persian child who was taken in by Iran's so-called peace initiative.

But westerners believed what they wanted to believe.

The EU as pragmatic as ever, greedily see the emerging market there and another oil supply. Short term, concretist thinking, and good feelings, as always by the Left - their inability to recognize evil - only, "peace in out time" and damn the consequences on future generations: future instability and conflicts caused by a resurgent, wealthy Iran ... with nuclear weapons. 

Assuredly, 100's of millions of Sunni Muslims in the moderate states could sleep more peacefully when President Trump put his foot down and replaced sanctions. He received many plaudits thereabouts, amounting to adulation. This was never made public in the media. Starved of cash flow, the Ayo's Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah were losing strength and the region has had more peace than a long while. Now Biden is promising to reverse this, to give Tehran ascendancy.

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Apparently whether it is right or wrong to wear a mask which is apparently more important than if it is right or wrong to expect others to do so via social pressure or political edict.

Watching the the DC Comic movies again recently, it strikes me now the comment that there are some that just want to see the world burn, a reference to Joker's seemingly nonsensical motivations behind the dastardly deeds. Understanding evil is difficult enough that Rand provided this gem of an aide to assist: "I told them the nature of the game you were playing and the nature of that moral code of yours, which they had been too innocently generous to grasp."

Most westerners believing what they want to believe isn't much of a stretch giving the nature of her observation and introspection into my own journey to developing a better understanding of the powers that operate in the shadows.

Still, trying to change politics directly by discussion, here on OO, given the philosophical climate, is akin to trying to repair a standard that needs to be challenged down to its epistemological roots. That, and the fact that politics is admittedly not my strong suite, per a self-assessment.

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Another "gem" from Rand and observably true about individuals: "innocently generous". Speaks volumes too about your countrymen's sense of life. But without the "innocently" there is altruist sacrifice.

Could you re-post to the pertinent thread?

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