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For Your "motivation", Leonard Peikoff On Savage

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Thank you for posting that.

A wonderful interview and yes Savage was uncharactaristically cordial but I got the definite impression he has great respect for Leonard Piekoff which was most likely the reason for the civility.

Has he ever gone on Savage's show again since then, does anyone know?

Btw, I was listening to his show after the London bombings last week and what was being said was EXACTLY the same as what was said during this interview after 9/11...something horrendous is going to have to happen to be able to wake people up to actually support fighting terrorism.

The worst culprits for this slumber being the media and a catatonic nation which Savage calls a society driven to "shop 'til it drops."

Thanks again.


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What bugs me is Savage starts the whole talk is "I won't introduce someone who I don't agree with totally" Argh! I hate thinking that someone would think that Savage and Peikoff were equals intellectually or, well, in any way that matter short of body weight or by measure of facial hair.

INSPECTOR The reason most Objectivist broadcasts are recorded in RM format is due to the DRM that RM format accords it. WAV and MP3 are pretty much open formats but RM still allows some DRM to it. The only really somewhat secure format is aac that iTunes uses. <getting off iPod using high horse>

Mind you, there have been other threads about converting RM's to MP3 etc easily for use on portable devices. Something I personally find frustrating when I walk or ride my bike using my iPod and want to listen to various speeches/lectures but since they are in RM and derivations thereof it's unusable by portable devices for the most part.

I personally have found Audible.com to be useful as well as the aynrandbookstore.com and their books on cd to be very very useful to my use. Still, it is up to the person making the broadcast to determine the standard in which it is distributed.

ps. I want to slap Savage for mispronouncing Ayn 10000 times and not having Leonard correcting him.

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Savage says, "God bless you" a ton of times to Peikoff, who is obviously an atheist.
I saw one TV interviewer say "god bless you" to Ayn Rand. She seemed quite pleased by that and even commented that though she was an atheist, she liked what that expression meant. (Caveat: I'm summarizing from memory. There must be someone here who can give you an exact quote.)
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Reminds me of an amusing slip-up on my part years ago. After glancing at a newspaper article about a woman who had decided to stay in a physically abusive marriage because she believed that she would burn in hell if she broke her wedding vows, I muttered "thank God I'm an atheist" under my breath. A split second after the words left my mouth, I realized what I had just said.

It was one of those moments where you really wish someone else had had a camera ready to go, because you know the look on your face must have been priceless.

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I saw one TV interviewer say "god bless you" to Ayn Rand. She seemed quite pleased by that and even commented that though she was an atheist, she liked what that expression meant.

If I recall correctly, it was on the second DVD of the Sense of Life Paxton work. IIRC, Peikoff or Binswanger were telling personal recollections of Ayn which included lunch with a group of Catholic nuns.

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