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Are there any Other Gay Objectivists Out There?

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I think left is bonkers and conservatives are stupid. I don't think it is an easy deal to disentangle so much noise to put it in such an amazing coherent framework as Rand has. So it makes sense that I could find sensible gays (if they exist) who believe in objectivism here. So taking a shot here: Are there any gay objectivists here?

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4 minutes ago, Deepv said:

While re-reading atlas shrugged I felt how the gay guilt is so much similar to the guilt held by Rearden, that was an unearned guilt. I really can't believe in how many way Rand has liberated me as  agya person and as an individual

cant say I can relate I dont see any reason to have any guilt
but whatever makes you happy i guess

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1 minute ago, Deepv said:

sure but like you never had issues coming out? and needing someone to validate i for you?

Ive had issues but I dont talk to my family anymore as far as i know they know nothing about my life now and I have a girlfriend and community for validation 

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D, I hadn't thought of the connection to Rearden before. There would be two parallels, one just between oneself and one's lover. Although my first learning my gay capacity for joy (with my best and esteemed friend) entailed no sense of guilt; there was simply truth and making our own way without map or positive models. (That was 1968, in Oklahoma). As parallel, Rearden with Dagny seemed to be learning some truths about himself and his values. (If, at the end of the novel, he and Francisco were to enter into a romantic relationship, that would be a slighter learning about himself than the earlier one, I'd say.) The second parallel I notice is with coming out and Dagny's radio interview. Coming out was gradual, as I suppose it is for most gays and lesbians, since there are a number of different social arenas in which it takes place. But in our case, it was slow overall, from the sheer terror of the social surroundings at the time. 

D and K, with just the two of us alone, I guess the validation was just what intense preciousness we found was possible and the conviction, in the light of Roark, that one should live by one's own first-hand rational values, notwithstanding that Rand/Branden had at the time been saying derogatory things about you. You had the truth of the human goodness of what you were doing in your own experience.

There was a further sort of validation of the "you are not alone sort" later on for us. In Oklahoma we were illegal, and one reason we headed for Chicago was that there we were legal. In the big city, it turned out, there were gay bars, and it was there we first were in one. They were hotbeds of social organization and mobilization, in addition to company of other same-sex couples and same-sex searchers and dancers. We joined in demonstrations and in the Gay Pride Parade, which was new then. As the years went by, the size of the parade grew and our straight friends marched with us. Eventually, in this century, gays and lesbians were squarely accepted into the military, the old illegality of same-sex relations was over-ruled throughout the land (2003), we attained the legal power to marry (2015), and an American President said he word "gay" while he was in office (he also had made an executive order that hospitals receiving Medicare monies had to have a policy of allowing same-sex partners to visit the hospitalized partner, which was important in our case, where a lot of students indoctrinated by Liberty University go into nursing here, and there, as in any workplace, they try to do their great commission of holding back the humanistic revolution concerning treatment of gays and lesbians.

(There is a picture of us in our 30's here. He died when we were both 41. Love is love.)


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