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Donato Giancola

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athena glaukopis

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"Red Sonja"


"The Cartographer"



Editorial Illustration for a Ray Bradbury short story in Playboy Magazine January 2000


"The Museum"


"The Imager"


"The Wire Continuum"



Donato Giancola (1967-) is a multiple award winning American artist specializing in science fiction and fantasy illustration.

At first, Giancola majored in electrical engineering at the University of Vermont, but left for Syracuse University to seriously pursue painting in 1989. He graduated with a fine arts major in 1992. Giancola describes himself and his work as a 'classical-abstract-realist working with science fiction and fantasy' and lists Hans Memling, Jan Van Eyck, Velázquez, Caravaggio, Vermeer, Piet Mondrian, Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian as his favorite artists.

More of his work can be found HERE.

Thanks to Ari Armstrong's blog post back in December for tipping me off to Giancola's art!

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I love "The Wire Continuum".

I've never thought of it before but much of the Sci Fi artwork that was on the covers of older editions of Bradbury's and Heinlein's books was quite romantic.


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Of course, but her arms do not look like female well-developed arms.




See how the wrists and hands still look like those of a woman? Much different than the wrists, hands and, er, uh, other parts of a man... ;)



Actually, the rest of the painting still looks feminine, although she's a muscular, warrior type. I just think the arms and hands are off and it reminded me of that hilarious episode of Seinfeld.

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Actually, the rest of the painting still looks feminine, although she's a muscular, warrior type. I just think the arms and hands are off and it reminded me of that hilarious episode of Seinfeld.

I've seen women who look almost like men they are so well developed muscularly. Pretty hard to look at, because you get mixed vibes, but I've seen them. They were likely using steroids to get that way. However, that painting doesn't look bad to me, although I agree her arms are a bit too man like. It's too bad, because the face is very beautiful. I mean, she's the prettiest of the ones here.

Otoh, The Imager is a great work. Love that piece. If I'm correct, I believe he is supposed to be painting the person looking at the picture.

Superman, not so much. Superman requires a square jaw, piercing blue eyes and a bold look. The neck is too long and the face seems too pale or grayish. He has to stand out as powerful. It's SUPERMAN for crying out loud!

This comic book style rendering is a good exemplar of Superman:


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Haha, well, it wasnt exactly discreet. Now, how did you find that picture anyway? :)

Um, a bit more on topic... I think you have a point there with the arms looking masculine(especially the hands are a bit extreme). However it could be noted that the difference between male and female arms(and shape in general) can be very subtle, sometimes non-existent. I think women in general tend to have shorter muscle bellies in their upper bodies which dictates the shape of the muscles even if they are well developed. Add to that slightly different proportions and thinner bone structure. Though as we all know there are slender men and "blockier" built women. Serena Williams for example looks heavier built than most women and I think the most feminine aspect of her arms are her long fingers. A slender man could also have the arms of the women in your first picture.

With this in mind I think the arms of that warrior-chic are apropriate and makes the picture a little more interesting. She would obviously have a stronger frame than most women, but hey, maybe that's what she needs to survive as a kick-ass warrior-chic. I think it also adds a little to the contrast of the masculine and feminine. I mean, there's certainly no doubt she's a woman but at the same time she's showing masculine qualities in both her occupation and physique(and yeah, I just realized how this can be severly misinterpreted).

Of course, all of this is just to say that... i'd hit her! :P

BTW, I very much enjoyed the paintings, so thank you Athena!

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I Googled "images of men [or women] with muscular arms." :)

I thought of this thread and laughed earlier...my office was surprise audited today by our main office's compliance department (who does that to prepare us for a possible SEC surprise audit...damn government) and the auditor had man hands something fierce!

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