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Immigration restrictions

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19 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

I don't have to identify myself to cross a state or county line or for most other movement, or if I pay cash for something in a store.  So it is not a special dispensation; it is a normal condition of movement, available to everyone.

Right, available to everyone who is a citizen, resident, visitor, or so on. Then we return full circle.

Why doesn't everyone have the right to go where they please, over international borders?

Possibly the simplest answer is that the sovereign rights of the nation must be respected. "A nation", being a group of individuals who inhabit a specific area within set borders, over which their government must hold sway to defend the rights of those existing citizens. 

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23 hours ago, Doug Morris said:

Another simple answer is that there's too much statism in the world.

That there is. The elephant in the room makes for a big squeeze. Take my wife's planned trip to Switzerland - she showed me today what the Swiss embassy demands for her visit, endless forms and personal guarantees and an interview required. Not to immigrate, for a holiday! One would think that the flow of people from one country to the next would be "open" - when and if they both share individual rights. What I am sure is that completely opening borders, as things stand, will not hurry on that dispensation, nor, certainly, put an end to statism. 

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