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Charlie Kirk versus Abortion

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Charlie Kirk thinks he has a logical case against abortion.

I'll call it the DNA argument: "it's not your DNA, it's not your choice." He didn't go into much detail, but I suppose the basic idea is that a woman needs a man to fertilize her egg with his sperm, and because this produces an embryo with DNA from both the egg and the sperm, the man has a claim to 50% of the fetus. The problem with this argument is that without a contractual agreement such as a marriage, the sperm is merely a gift, and the man has no claim on it after giving it away voluntarily.

Also, even if the man owns 50% of the fetus, how is this an argument against abortion? Both parties could agree to abort.

In my opinion, the most effective argument against abortion is still "life begins at conception," because it challenges "life begins at birth" while sidelining the question of when rights begin. But I'm not interested in rehashing that old debate again. Mostly I'm curious what others think of this DNA argument.

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"Tumors are not your DNA, therefore it's not your choice to remove them."

It's a stupid argument. It's actually a rationalization of his conclusion rather than an argument for his conclusion. It fails in many ways.

He's assuming that having human DNA makes you human. Then he argues as usual, that killing other people is wrong. He doesn't go into more detail because he's too stupid to do so. That's Charlie Kirk for you. You are trying to give a charitable interpretation when there is no charitable interpretation in that way. Simply put, he is equivocating "human DNA" with "human" to argue that you can't make choices for other humans. 


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