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  1. You said you're not sure about this one, so let's focus on it. First, why does it matter that you're not a supermodel? Should supermodels be allowed to sunbathe nude on the front lawn in full view of passersby on the public street? When you live in a city, you agree to certain codes of public etiquette. If you are visible from public spaces, you are subject to those codes. If you're in the privacy of your backyard, that's different, and you might have a complaint against your neighbor for snooping.
  2. If you have a thesis idea you could use it to recruit Objectivists to your own online group or site. I'm preparing to try something like that on Facebook.
  3. Lev and I discuss Bret Weinstein's plan to draft two Centrists to run for POTUS and VP this November. Weinstein brought this up on Joe Rogan's show.
  4. Why would a stereotype incline you toward misunderstanding history if you weren't looking for historical knowledge from that stereotype? If you classify it as a fictional character, then you shouldn't be using it to understand history. It is actually your knowledge of history that informs your grasp of the stereotype, not the other way around. You are aware of the history of literature, movies, TV, etc., in which the mammy stereotype appears, and you might then connect Aunt Jemima with that set of stereotypical characters. That's not what I'm saying. She probably is a stereotype. She's just an ad character. Such things are rarely complicated figures. How does the name refer to the stereotype? Isn't the name playing on a family relation rather than a slave or servant one?
  5. That's not where I got. From what you wrote I got to "people look to Quaker Oats branding for a history lesson." If this is what people do, then, yes, they will have a problem with any character that they consider a stereotype, because it's not a particular historical person. But if they don't do it, then they should recognize characters as fictional creations representing and embodying the ideas of the advertisers, which will be expressed through the pictures and words of the ad. I've watched a lot of the Aunt Jemima ads, and I see her portrayed as a respected black woman with a great recipe. She's referred to as "the first lady of pancakes." She is that family member (aunt) who makes some special food you enjoy. If she was once a mammy stereotype, well, that can be understood in its historical context. But the character hasn't been portrayed as a mammy for quite some time. She's a fictional creation that has evolved with the times through many decades of ads.
  6. You argued that they're bad because they make people more inclined to misinterpret history. This isn't true. People don't look to Quaker Oats branding for a history lesson, nor for some inclination on how to interpret history.
  7. This might be the basic issue. If you're getting your interpretation of history from Quaker Oats branding, you should rethink your philosophy of knowledge. This isn't the food company's problem. It's yours. Advertising characters serve a purpose, and it's not to teach you history.
  8. I'm voting with my wallet and refusing to buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream until they stop producing the pro-white flavor Americone Dream, which features a white celebrity on the package. This sends a terrible message to POCs. It suggests that the American Dream is for white people. To make matters worse, Ben & Jerry's started a new campaign to "Dismantle White Supremacy." Talk about being tone deaf! They don't even recognize the literal implicit racial bias on their own products. Peace and love!
  9. Give a different, less spineless, producer a try. If you trade with cowards you'll get more cowards.
  10. In general I value honest criticism. It helps me see flaws or weaknesses in my own ideas, arguments or actions even. So I actually seek associates who share core values like honesty and logic and science, but who disagree on certain subjects. I know what I want to accomplish and try to budget my time to achieve those goals before I die. I won't go into specifics, but generally they are writing projects of an intellectual nature. Hanging out with family and friends is a lower priority for me right now, though I set aside time for important functions and relations. Broadly speaking, a "friend" is a close, personal associate with whom I share mutual respect and concern. A "non-friend" might be someone I don't know or someone I don't respect or care about. I typically lose respect or concern for people when it's clear that they are not honest or reasonable. Usually I catch them in ridiculous lies and obvious and stubborn evasions of the facts. I might still pay attention to them as a psychological study, but they aren't friends. Then there are people who are outright enemies or potentially dangerous threats. Anyone who sympathizes with Antifa falls into that latter category. They are in the process of being radicalized against individual rights. And I don't want to be near them when they go bonkers. If it's extreme irrationality, then they are probably dangerous, from sheer stupidity, desperation, or maybe malice. You literally put your own life in danger being around very irrational people. They make dumb and life-threatening decisions. If the irrationality is contained or limited to a particular subject, then being friends depends on whether that subject is important to you.
  11. I only have so much time for friends. I prefer to spend that time with people who have no sympathy for violent commies.
  12. Rand lived for 77 years. You have a lot more growing to do. Come back in 2032 and let us know where we can find your awesome philosophical insights.
  13. I dropped a friend because he was irrationally sympathetic to Antifa. Now I hear he's crazy about BLM, so I'm glad I bailed. You need to be careful picking your friends these days.
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